This program will provide both detailed and broad examinations of basic and advanced techniques, key trials, and advancement in device concepts. Having experienced the most comprehensive review of existing intravascular imaging and a hands-on review of several devices, attendees will leave with the tools necessary to integrate intravascular coronary imaging into their practice.

Course Directors

Learning Objectives

  • Describe proper techniques and image interpretation for various intravascular imaging and physiology modalities.
  • Discuss the appropriate imaging modality to be used depending upon the interventional procedure or scenario.
  • Appreciate the appropriate use of coronary physiology based on the clinical setting.
  • Explain the implications of recent clinical trial data on the use of particular imaging and physiology modalities.
  • Understand a clinical user algorithm using all intravascular modalities as well as coronary physiology to comply with appropriate use criteria.

Target Audience

This program is designed for interventional cardiologists, clinical cardiologists, cardiology fellows, catheterization laboratory nurses and technologists, and other healthcare professionals with a special interest in intravascular imaging.

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