March 9, 2019    |    2nd Floor Studios

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OCT in Virtual Reality Hands-On Workshop

45-min session

Virtual Reality
Experience OCT in Virtual reality! Enter a virtual cath lab environment and interface with the OPTIS System.

Hands-on the OCT system
Learn how to optimize your procedures with OCT in a guided case tour. With an OCT laptop in front of you, you will learn how to interpret images, size, place, and optimize the implant post-PCI.


New options physiology, high definition (HD) imaging & rotational atherectomy

45-min session

Program Overview
Participate in small, hands-on workshops and learn about the latest developments in coronary physiology, including DFR (Diastolic hyperemia-Free Ratio), HD IVUS image interpretation and strategic PCI planning, and partake in RotaPro rotational atherectomy wet heart training.


Right Technique, Right Device for Physiologic Assessments

60-min session

Come and learn from experts how to improve your confidence in your diagnostic.

Learn how to prevent drift and provide physiologic assessment in complex anatomies.

Dr. Arnold Seto will answer questions and provide insights on tips and tricks.


Technologies to augment
the Angiogram

45-min session

See the complete story with iFR & IVUS co-registration

Review of past and present clinical data showcasing the value of physiological guidance. Open discussion of how iFR & IVUS guidance can impact your decision making process. Live demo of SyncVision

Navigate contrast-free in your renal impaired patients

Demonstrate how Dynamic Coronary Roadmap, creates a dynamic, motion-compensated, real-time view of the coronary arteries—overlaid on an angiogram.

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